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Трейдинг және инвестиция жасауды үйреніңіз

Қаржылық тәуелсіздікке алғашқы қадамыңызды жасаңыз. DK Trading Academy арқылы жарқын болашақты құрыңыз!

Trading chart

Неліктен DK Trading Academy таңдау керек?

Біз сізге 0-ден бастап үйретеміз


Жалақыңызды басқарыңыз

Жалақыңызды дұрыс басқарыңыз және 80%-20% тактиканы үйреніңіз

graduation hat

Болашақ білім

Балаңыздың болашақ білімі үшін қаражат жинау


Қосымша табыс

Негізгі жұмысыңыздан тыс қосымша табыс табыңыз


Инвестиция жасау

Ақшаңызды әлемдегі ең ірі компанияларға салыңыз, өсіріңіз және дивиденд алыңыз


Трейдинг үйреніңіз

«Сауда-саттықпен» жаңа табыс көзін ашу.



Өзіңізді және отбасыңызды қаржылық пирамидалардан қорғаңыз

Біздің курс сізге арналған, ЕГЕР


Бизнестің сыртында, қосымша инвестиция жасағыңыз келсе


ЖОО-ның түлегісіз, мамандығыңыз ұнамаса


Офиста таңнан кешке дейін жұмыс жасаудан шаршасаңыз


Қазірден бастап өз болашағыңызды қаржылай қамтамасыз еткіңіз келсе


Балаңызды әлемнің ең үздік университетіңде оқытқың келсе


Декреттегі анасыз, бірақ қосымша пайда тапқыңыз келсе

Сәтті трейдинг жасау үшін 4 қадам

trading plan

Трейдинг жоспары

Жақсы трейдинг жоспары трейдерлерді әртүрлі нарықтық жағдайларда жол көрсететін жол картасы ретінде әрекет етеді.



Білім - трейдерлерге тәуекелдерді азайтуға, ақшаны тиімді басқаруға және жалпы трейдинг көрсеткіштерін жақсартуға мүмкіндік береді.

demo account

Демо аккаунтпен жаттығу

Демо-шот трейдерлерге жалған ақша арқылы нақты нарықтық жағдайларды симуляциялауға мүмкіндік береді.


Журнал жүргізу

Журнал жүргізу арқылы трейдерлер әр трейдтің өнімділігін бағалай алады.

Клиенттеріміздің ойы


average rating is null out of 5

Барлығыңызға рахмет, біз көп нәрсені үйрендік. Ербол мырза, Бақытжан мырза және кураторлар баршаңызға рахмет. Тек жақсы кезде кездесейік, үлкен жетістіктерге жете берейік.

Видео шолулар

Біз студенттеріміздің пікірлерін бағалаймыз және ортақ тәжірибе маңызды деп ойлаймыз. Біздің кейбір студенттеріміздің біздің трейдинг курсына қатысуы туралы не айтатынын көріңіз.

  • Can I access the trading course materials after the course completion?
    Yes, you will have continued access to the trading course materials even after completing the course for 12 months. We understand that reviewing and revisiting the course materials can be valuable for reinforcing your learning and referencing the content in the future.
  • Is the trading course suitable for beginners or more advanced traders?
    Absolutely! Both beginner and more experienced traders can benefit from our trading course. When it comes to trading, we are aware that people have different educational backgrounds and degrees of expertise. Because of this, our course is designed to be helpful and illuminating to everyone, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Are there any live trading sessions or simulations included in the course?
    Yes, our trading course includes live trading sessions and simulations to enhance your learning experience and provide practical application of the concepts you learn. We believe that hands-on experience is crucial in developing your trading skills and gaining confidence in real-market scenarios.
  • Is there a community or forum for students to interact and discuss trading strategies?
    Yes, we have a vibrant community specifically designed for our students to interact, share knowledge, and discuss trading strategies. We believe that fostering a collaborative learning environment is essential for your growth as a trader. When you enroll in our trading course, you gain access to our exclusive student community or forum. This platform serves as a hub where you can connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their trading journey. It provides an opportunity to engage in discussions, ask questions, share insights, and exchange ideas with fellow students.
  • What topics are covered in the trading course?
    Our trading course covers a comprehensive range of topics to provide you with a strong foundation in trading principles and strategies. The specific topics covered may vary, but here is a general overview of the key areas we typically cover: Introduction to Trading: An overview of the financial markets, trading terminology, and different trading styles. Market Analysis: Techniques for analyzing market conditions, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis. Risk Management: Strategies and tools to effectively manage risk, including position sizing, stop-loss orders, and risk-reward ratios. Trading Strategies: Exploration of various trading strategies, such as trend following, breakout trading, range trading, and mean reversion. Technical Analysis: In-depth examination of chart patterns, indicators, candlestick analysis, and other technical tools used for trade identification and timing. Trading Psychology: Understanding the psychological aspects of trading, including managing emotions, maintaining discipline, and developing a winning mindset. Trading Platforms and Tools: Introduction to popular trading platforms, order types, and charting tools to assist in trade execution and analysis. Money Management: Techniques for managing capital, setting trading goals, and creating a trading plan to optimize long-term profitability. Trading Systems and Automation: Introduction to algorithmic trading, backtesting, and utilizing trading systems for more systematic and disciplined trading. Market Dynamics: Exploration of market trends, volatility, liquidity, and other factors that impact trading decisions. Trade Execution and Management: Strategies for entering and exiting trades, setting profit targets, and adjusting positions based on market conditions. Trade Review and Performance Analysis: Techniques for reviewing trades, analyzing performance, and identifying areas for improvement. Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, and our courses may include additional topics based on the program's depth and focus. We continuously update our curriculum to incorporate new market trends, technologies, and trading strategies, ensuring that you receive up-to-date and relevant education.
  • How do I make payments?
    Payments can be made with PayPal and with our third party payment systems.
  • Are there any ongoing support or mentoring services available after completing the trading course?
    Yes, we provide ongoing support and mentoring services to our students even after completing the trading course. We understand that learning doesn't end with the completion of a course, and we are dedicated to your continued growth and success as a trader. After completing the course, you will have access to our support channels, which may include dedicated forums, online communities, or email support. These platforms serve as a space where you can ask questions, seek clarification on concepts, and engage in discussions with instructors and fellow students. Our team of experts is committed to promptly addressing your queries and providing guidance whenever you need it.
  • Is the trading course focused on a specific market or trading instrument?
    Yes, our trading course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of trading principles and strategies that can be applied across various markets and trading instruments. We believe in equipping our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate different market conditions and make informed trading decisions. While our course covers a wide range of topics applicable to trading in general, we also recognize that there may be specialized interests or preferences among our students. Therefore, we may offer additional modules or elective courses that focus on specific markets or trading instruments, such as stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, or options trading.
  • What is the duration of the trading course?
    We understand that individuals have different schedules and time commitments, so we give access to our trading course for 12 months.

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