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Learn How to Trade The Stock Markets.
Unleash Your Financial Potential

About Us


Our Founder, Duman Yerkanat is a professional trader and investor with 7 years of experience.
Trained by SMB Capital, the strongest team of Wall Street traders.

Our team

“DK TRADING ACADEMY” is an online course for the people who are interested in stock trading. “DK TRADING ACADEMY” is a company dedicated to helping people learn about stock trading and smart investing strategies. It was founded an experienced Stock trader Duman Yerkhanat (DK) in Denver, Colorado U.S.

       Our goal is to help people to understand stocks and how they are traded in the market.

The “DK TRADING ACADEMY” online course can support you smart investing and trading in the stock market with confident and a methodical plan. 


Forbes kz

How Duman Yerkanat learned the ins and outs of the American stock market

Turkistan kz

Duman Yerkanat, trader from USA

WeProject Media

“It’s easy to rise from scratch in the USA,” Duman Yerkanat on his journey 

Tansholpan program

Stock trader, investor Duman Yerkanat told how to make a profit

Adyrna kz

"There will be a big crisis in the world in 2023" - Duman Yerkanat

Ikon mn

Dk academy has more than 6,000 students who are actively trading in the market

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